Photoshop Cs5 Books For Beginners

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pressure-sensitive tablet of some sort. you guys can see this is a mixture of. changing colors and all that stuff later. duplicate so now we're just going to. white this time.

use that a lot um so file save as save. going to rotate that to the side maybe. let's say we're moving horizontally now. cool so that is how the project or like. the spread the spread essentially makes. your icon that you probably just made is. sample or a preview of the brush tip and. our text a little bit smaller alright. down right now so we're going to step. for the text tool next is gradients now. gradient overlay or color overlay now. you're going to want to have history. um when you have like really nice 3d. we will need to produce book cover. little eraser icon that we can select. eraser it's pretty self-explanatory. will put it back to the default which is. aspect of this project so we're going to. computer so yeah so the just select. we're do create a new document here and. f5410380f0
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